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Nathan Cool's latest book, Is it Hot in Here? has been praised as being one of the most thoughtful, comprehensive and well written books on the study of global warming that successfully skips the sensationalism and oftentimes exaggerated hype.


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"Is it Hot In Here? should be required reading! This essay takes the complicated topic of Global Climate Warming and breaks it down for the layman. Each chapter is written in plain English and does not get cluttered in scientific jargon. Nathan Todd Cool doesn't stand on a soapbox...he presents a fair and balanced argument for the climate of our world. It is a world that is no doubt warming, but Is it Hot in Here? doesn't place blame at any one group's feet. If you live in a "red" state or a "blue" state, if you hug trees or drive a Hummer, this book is for you! It was a pleasure to read.
--Josh Rubenstein, Meteorologist, KCBS/KCAL Los Angeles

"Nathan Cool's is perhaps the most thoughtful, comprehensive, well-written--and accessible--study of global warming I've ever read. If Is it Hot in Here? were being taught in high schools and colleges, we might not be suffering through this problem at all."
--Aaron Kenedi, Editor-in-Chief, Shift Magazine

"Nathan Cool takes an applied science background, that of a surf weather forecaster, to the intricacies of global warming. This is the book for those who want to learn about issues related to global warming not from a science textbook nor a fictional book of conspiracy theory. Nathan skips the detailed physics of global warming and jumps around the hard-nosed science to explore recent issues that make the headlines, coffee conversations, and political debates. The reader isn't pushed around by conspiracy theorists, jargoned scientists, aggressive environmentalists, financial investors, or people with agendas outside of the science and reality of the issue and future of the planet. Rather, the nuts and bolts of the science, scientific process, political realities, and main debates over global warming are spelled out with a simple mix of history, simple analogies, and basic logic."
--David B. Field, Oceanographer, Ph.D Scripps Institution of Oceanography

"With an informative and entertaining style, Nathan cuts through the many confusing and contradictory dialogues swarming around the global warming debate. When you read it, you'll see that it's not just the-sky-is-falling environmentalists who should be paying attention to voices like Cool's--everyone on the planet needs to understand the potentially radical changes that are in store for us."
--Gwen Mickelson, Santa Cruz Sentinel

"How can you not love a book with a chapter titled When Termites Fart?"
--Tom Turner, Senior Editor, Earthjustice

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