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Is it real? Is it Hype? Is it Hot in Here? GreenhouseTruth.com, an unbiased portal for climate change resources and news is the proud home of Nathan Cool's new book, Is it Hot in Here? where these and other questions about a potentially warming world are revealed in their simple, and sometimes sobering truth.

Is it Hot in Here? : The Simple Truth about Global Warming

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"Should be required reading...a fair and balanced argument for the climate of our world."

--Josh Rubenstein, Meteorologist
KCBS/KCAL Los Angeles


"...perhaps the most thoughtful, comprehensive, well-written and accessible study of global warming I've ever read."

--Aaron Kenedi, Editor-in-Chief
Shift Magazine

Using an unbiased perspective filled with truthful and entertaining factoids about the science surrounding climate change, Is it Hot in Here? sets aside the apocalyptic ballyhoo, political ramblings and media hype to reveal the sometimes exaggerated and misunderstood facts about global warming.

Is our planet warming? Sure. Are there political motivations out there for opportunistic gain and ulterior motives? In some cases, yes. But is the world coming to an end?

Global warming is no doubt a serious issue. Yet in a world where we search for either yes or no answers, the controversy over climate change is filled with a lot of grey area. Most books, documentaries and even highlights in the media covering the subject of global warming tend to sway to either extreme. That is, until now...

Is it hype? Is it real? Is it Hot in Here? Nathan Cool's new book, our free newsletter and the GreenhouseTruth blog tell it like it is.

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