Nathan Cool

Writer, Photographer, Meteorologist

Meteorology & Forecasting

Nathan has been a forecaster since 1996 and tracked every Pacific storm system since then that brought surf to the west coast of the U.S., Hawaii, and Central America. Nathan has been a senior level software engineer and systems architect developing automation software for wave, weather, and wind prediction as well. Nathan has also worked on the redesign of NOAA's Weather Radio broadcast alert system.

Nathan originally founded, then partnered his forecasting with, GrindTV, and The Enthusiast Network. Nathan is currently a contract meteorologist for Surfer Magazine where his most popular forecast is for Southern California, which is updated each Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Nathan also wrote one of the first comprehensive books on surf forecasting, The WaveCast Guide to Surf Forecasting, and he gives regular talks at Loyola Marymount University as well.


Photography by Nathan Cool

Nathan also works as a professional photographer specializing in real estate and architecture photography for realtors, designers, and builders throughout the Ventura and Los Angeles county areas. Nathan's photography spans into other genres such as custom portrait work, product photography, and occasional fine art projects. Nathan's written various books on real estate photography, and provides tutorials training for photographers as well.

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